Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Accepting Applications for Conservation Projects

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund was established to provide grants to individual species conservation initiatives, recognize leaders in the field, and elevate the importance of species in the broader conservation debate.

To that end, grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded in support of plant, animal and fungi species conservation efforts without restriction on the basis of region or species. Priority will be given to in situ species conservation work, but the fund will consider an ex situ project where it is demonstrated to be critical to the survival of the species concerned.

Anyone directly involved in species conservation can apply to the fund.

See the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund for complete program guidelines, an FAQ, and application instructions.

Deadline: October 31, 2018

Information courtesy of Philanthropy News Digest

Obama Foundation Launches Global Girls' Education Initiative

The Chicago-based Obama Foundation has announced a new initiative to empower adolescent girls around the world through education.

Announced on the International Day of the Girl, the Global Girls Alliance aims to advance the efforts of organizations and individuals working to help the more than ninety-eight million adolescent girls globally who are not in school. As part of that effort, the alliance will support grassroots leaders around the world who best understand the barriers to education that girls face and the strategies needed to overcome those barriers.

To that end, the alliance will work to ensure that frontline leaders are supported with effective strategies designed to enhance and scale their work and have access to financial support. To help close the funding gap, the foundation is partnering with GoFundMe to launch a Global Girls Alliance Fund, which will directly support grassroots leaders working on girls' education, and will offer its own resources to help young people turn their passion for the issue into action.

"I'm thrilled to announce the Obama Foundation's launch of the Global Girls Alliance," said former First Lady Michelle Obama. "We want to lift up the grassroots leaders in communities all over the world who are clearing away the hurdles that too many girls face. Because the evidence is clear: educating girls isn't just good for the girls, it's good for all of us."

"Alliance to Support Adolescent Girls Education Around the World." Obama Foundation Press Release 10/11/2018. Courtesy of Philanthropy News Digest

Disaster Relief Top #GivingTuesday Priority for Donors

Giving in support of disaster relief efforts is top of mind for donors as #GivingTuesday and the end-of-year season approach, a survey conducted by Classy, an online and mobile fundraising platform for nonprofits, finds.

According to the survey, respondents said disaster relief was the cause needing the most support (48 percent) on #GivingTuesday, November 27, followed by health-related issues (37 percent) and the environment and/or animal welfare (36 percent). Nearly half of those surveyed had already donated in support of Hurricane Florence-related relief efforts, and of those more than a third said they were likely to give even more on #GivingTuesday.

Both Republican (42 percent) and Democrat (47 percent) respondents supported disaster relief as their top cause, and even with the midterms looming 45 percent of all respondents said they would support their favorite nonprofits, compared with 33 percent who said they planned to support a political cause, party, or candidate. While respondents were split on whether their political beliefs dictated their giving, higher-earning households were far more likely to say their political beliefs definitely dictated to whom or which organizations they planned to give.

The survey also found that 53 percent of respondents, regardless of age group, said they preferred to give online, whether via computer or mobile device, while 54 percent of millennial and Gen Z respondents said if they couldn’t easily donate to a nonprofit online or via mobile, they would have less trust in how that nonprofit used their funds.

"Giving Tuesday continues to be an enormous opportunity for nonprofit organizations to get in front of new donors, and we want to help our customers engage with these first-time donors in an effective way that ultimately results in additional recurring donations," said Scot Chisholm, CEO and co-founder of Classy. "This study confirms that donors are increasingly seeking easy online and mobile channels for giving, and — even more telling — consumers are linking technology to their overall trust in a nonprofit."

"Disaster Relief Top Priority for Donors as Giving Tuesday and Holiday Fundraising Season Near, New Classy Study Finds." Classy Report 10/11/2018. Courtesy of

Lilly Endowment Commits $125 Million to Indiana Community Foundations

The Indianapolis-based Lilly Endowment has announced a $125 million initiative in support of community foundations across Indiana.

The seventh phase of the foundation’s Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) initiative will provide both Matching Fund Grants ($66.9 million) and Community Leadership Grants ($48.9 million) in support of community foundations in the state working to strengthen the towns, cities, and counties they serve. Through the initiative, eligible community foundations will be able to apply for matching grants of between $500,000 and $4 million (based on the population of the counties they serve), at least two-thirds of which must be dedicated to increasing their unrestricted endowments. To encourage the engagement of board members, the endowment also will award unrestricted grants of $100,000 each to community foundations that achieve financial support from 100 percent of their board members.

Community Leadership Grants ranging between $50,000 and $200,000 (also based on county population) will be awarded to help community foundations in the state deepen their understanding of key challenges and opportunities in their communities and prioritize those they are best positioned to address. In a second round of grantmaking, the endowment will award grants of between $100,000 and $500,000 to help implement the plans developed by individual foundations to address those priorities. In addition, select foundations with especially compelling ideas may be invited to apply in 2020 for grants of up to $5 million to scale their projects.

"In the twenty-eight years since GIFT began, community foundations have demonstrated their ability to inspire imagination, generosity, and commitment among local residents, donors, and volunteers," said Rob Smith, the endowment’s vice president for community development. "Changing economic and cultural dynamics are presenting both significant challenges and important opportunities for Indiana communities. With GIFT VII, we seek to help community foundations raise resources and further enhance their ability to lead collaborative efforts that improve the quality of life for their residents."

"Lilly Endowment Launches New Phase of Support for Indiana Community Foundations." Lilly Endowment Press Release 10/12/2018.